About The Boller Review
As part of its mission to highlight TCU’s best undergraduate student research and creativity, The Boller Review publishes both primary student work and profiles of student researchers, artists, and creative writers.
  Undergraduate research helps to encourage students to develop and act as original, independent thinkers who pose their own difficult questions and work to solve those problems. Undergraduate research and creativity is also an integral component of the TCU curriculum, and The Boller Review aims not only to promote some of TCU’s best students by showcasing their work, but also to advance the TCU mission to “educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community” by providing a space for student work that demonstrates the ways in which their classwork, research, and writing is accomplishing meaningful work in the world beyond the TCU campus.
Paul F. Boller Jr.
Paul F. Boller, Jr. was more than just an admired History professor at TCU. He served in the U.S. Navy, was a prolific author of American presidential history, and acted as a tirless champion for human rights. Dr. Boller was born in 1916 in New Jersey, was educated at Yale, and was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate. After Dr. Boller's service in the U.S. Navy, where he had served as a translator of Japanese in Honolulu and Guam, he completed his Ph.D. at Yale. Throughout his teaching career, Dr. Boller earned many fellowships and awards, including an honorary doctorate in literature from Texas Weslelyan University. His portrait still hangs in a place of honor at TCU Press. 
How to Navigate this Site
The site is divided into eight major sections representing student work from each college at TCU. Those sections contain various modes of undergraduate resarch and creativity, and serve not only to disseminate, but especially to exhibit their research in all its genres and modalities. 
Clicking on a project title will take you to an abstract page where you will be able to view or download a PDF version of the project to read or save. The projects represented take varied form as research papers, graphic design work, and posters from research presentations. The research posters are supplemented with video interviews which further elaborate on students’ poster presentations, profile students whose papers are currently under review, revision, or are ongoing, and students in Honors colloquia. 
Finally, each student work is accompanied by reflections from the faculty members who advised, led, or supported the student's project. These reflections work to provide a sense of the collaborative nature of undergraduate research, and of the mentoring relationships that grow out of undergraduate research. 
Advisory Committee

Jeffrey Bond, Scholarly Communication Librarian and Science Research Liaison

Dusty Crocker, College of Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Graphic Design

Philip Esposito, Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Brandy Quinn, College of Education, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology

Magnus Rittby, College of Science & Engineering, Professor and Senior Associate Dean

James Scott, AddRan College of Liberal Arts, Herman Brown Chair and Professor of Political Science

Dan Williams, Honors Professor of Humanities and the Director of TCU Press

Paul Witt, Bob Schieffer College of Communication, Professor of Communication Studies