About the cover: This mosaic image is based on a portrait of Professor Boller that was painted for him by his friend Jeff Barnard. The portrait was featured in Dr. Boller's Essays on the Presidents: Principles and Politics and hung in his home for some time until he donated it to the TCU Press, where it hangs today.

Published: 2022-10-12

"Let the People Come Inside"

Julianne Cooney, Class of 2022, Nate Dunmoyer, Class of 2021, Phoenyx Gaston, Class of 2021, Melissa Hernandez, Class of 2022, Max Kinkade, Class of 2021, Evan McAuliffe, Class of 2022, Emma Grace ReVille, Class of 2023, Idahosa Robinson, Class of 2021, Carter Whiting, Class of 2021

"Not Just for F*cking:" An Advertising Campaign for Tinder

Liza Bilich, Class of 2021, Huyen Ho, Class of 2021, Emmaline Huels, Class of 2021, Kayla Koski, Class of 2021, Katie Kramp, Class of 2021, Madison McQuary, Class of 2021, Margaux Neresian, Class of 2021, Vivian Noyd, Class of 2021, Riley O'Donnell, Class of 2021, Alison Parks, Class of 2021, Grace Pizzala, Class of 2021, Liv Shin, Class of 2021, Lauren White, Class of 2022

Research-Compliment-Teach Conferencing

Megan Helling, Class of 2021, Jeanne Marie King, Class of 2021

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