Fort Worth After School Arts

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Julia Light


This project illustrates my process of creating the curriculum for a pilot Musical Theatre program called Fort Worth After School Arts. The program is designed to address the widespread issue of a lack of arts education in low-income schools by beginning with middle schools in Fort Worth ISD, partnering with the preexisting Fort Worth After School program. Moreover, the program is designed to provide intentional accessibility efforts as well as personal development and mentorship opportunities by utilizing college-aged interns. I documented each step of the process, from the multiple factors that led me to begin to deciding what the program would look like, writing the curriculum, and receiving feedback. I also documented anticipated further challenges that would need to be addressed for the program to be fully realized. Through this project, I learned how to synthesize information from a variety of places and experiences to benefit others. This project also reinforced my view of the opportunity and necessity for innovative thinkers to create creative projects that serve communities–something I hope and plan to do for my entire career.

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