2022-2023 Editorial Team 


Lexie Woodall

Lexie Woodall is a junior at Texas Christian University, where she majors in writing and minors in creative writing. She is a member of the John V. Roach Honors College and the honors writing society, Pi Epsilon Pi. In addition to being the Editor for The Boller Review, she has served as creative director for Eleven40seven and as a copyeditor for y’ALL: Voices from LGBTQ+ Fort Worth. She currently works at the TCU Press. Upon graduating, Lexie plans to pursue a career in publishing where she can further her primary objective as an editor: to share stories and create impact. 

Ani Baquerizo 

My name is Ana Cristina Baquerizo, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on September 18th, 2003. I am double majoring in Psychology BS and Child Development BA at Texas Christian University. I am passionate about how the brain works, and learning how lifestyle, nutrition habits, and mindfulness can prevent mental health issues. I work at The Boller Review, and at the Karin Purvis Institute of Child Development as a Research Assistant. I really like reading, and interviewing each of The Boller Review nominees, and seeing how passionate they are about their projects. Some things I love to do in my free time are dancing alone in my room, walking, reading, eating, and spending time with the ones I love.

Lizza Handal 

Lizza Handal is a 20-year-old international student from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, who is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree at Texas Christian University. In 2022, Lizza moved to the United States to begin attending TCU as a freshman. Now in her sophomore year, she is majoring in Business Information Systems and Marketing. Lizza has a passion for both technology and creative design. Some of her favorite hobbies include fashion, playing tennis, and video editing. She loves finding unique clothes and styling fun new outfit ideas. She also still hits the tennis courts when she can find some spare time from her studies. Additionally, her interest in video and photo editing allows her to blend her technical abilities with her creative interests. Beyond her academics and hobbies, Lizza also enjoys taking relaxing walks around TCU's campus, spending quality time playing board games with new friends, and video chatting with her family back in Honduras. Although she is studying abroad, family is still very important to her. In Fall 2023, Lizza joined the editorial team of The Boller Review as the video editor. She has loved the opportunity to work alongside other student leaders while contributing her digital editing and storytelling skills. Getting a peek at the diverse array of outstanding research projects and creative works produced by TCU students has been really rewarding. As she continues her studies over the next couple of years at TCU, Lizza looks forward to taking on more roles with The Boller Review.

Trinity Sloan 

Trinity Sloan is a second-year Writing and Strategic Communications double major at Texas Christian University. Outside of being an associate editor for The Boller Review, she is a member of the John V. Roach Honors college, Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and treasurer for TCU’s creative writing club Scribble Frogs. She has self-published a book of poetry, Freckles Like Stars, and has also been featured in literary magazine the Maple Street Journal. She has received both Gold and Silver Key awards for poetry and short stories for the Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards from 2020-2021. Trinity also received the Women’s Wednesday Club award for Fiction in the TCU 2023 Spring Creative/Writing Contest. When she is not studying or daydreaming, Trinity loves reading, travel, and storytelling.

Wafa Shakih 

The 2021 recipient of the Sandra Brown ELF Scholarship, Wafa Shaikh graduated with a bachelor's in Writing from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She helped start HTX LIT, Houston Community College’s literary magazine along with professors and other students. She was also the president of the Creative Writing Club for the 2020-2021 school year at Houston Community College. She was a nominee for the 2021 Glascock Poetry Contest. Her first publication is in Defunkt Magazine’s fifth issue.


Past Editors


Claire Litchfield

 I am currently an undergraduate at TCU, expecting to graduate in Spring 2022. I am looking for entry-level jobs in industries such as editing and publishing, as well as opportunities to tutor students. I work in the William L. Adams Center for Writing as a Peer Consultant on campus, and have loved my time there. Whether I am helping a first semester freshman understand the difference between active and passive voice or going over several Works Cited pages in one shift, I find that helping my fellow TCU students learn more about the English language. 


Fabienne Umutoniwase

I am a dedicated student and engineering intern with a proven academic record, having achieved national-level top results. In the last few years, I have completed several courses and programs to further enhance my communication and interpersonal skills. These have bolstered my abilities in leading teams, interfacing with industry professionals, as well as my acumen in public speaking, improving my delivery of engaging presentations.  My recent studies have equipped me with an array of software tools, including AutoCAD, MATLAB, and Python, beneficial to operating system designs, and machine learning.  Additionally, I have been well recognized and distinguished for my academic accomplishments, earning awards, and a scholarship to study abroad. 

Kenzie Veal

Kenzie Veal is a senior at Texas Christian University. She will be graduating in May with a BA in Writing Studies, a minor in Women and Gender Studies, and an emphasis in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies. Kenzie previously worked as an Executive Assistant Intern and Employee Relations Intern, where she developed skills in writing, copyediting, project managing, and facilitating internal and external communication. In her free time, she loves to write on and explore topics in the health/wellness and culinary industries.

 Nicole Oesterreicher

Nicole Oesterreicheris a junior at Texas Christian University pursuing a BFA in graphic design. Nicole is a member of Alpha Delta Pi, the SGA marketing team, the graphic design Society of Creative Excellence and is currently the Vice President of Design Focus. When she is not working on student or freelance projects, Nicole can be found riding her horse, Duke, or hanging out with her friends, family, and two dogs, Bailey and Cooper.


Amelia Bachofen, Associate Editor

Amelia Bachofen is currently a senior at Texas Christian University studying Modern Dance and minoring in English. She is a member of the John V. Roach Honors College and worked on undergraduate research in 2018 with the dance and chemistry departments. Amelia serves as an executive member of Chi Tau Epsilon, is a member of the Chi Omega fraternity and participates in campus ministry through Reformed University Fellowship. After graduation, Amelia plans to dance professionally, participate in the dance community through her writing, and teach Pilates. Eventually she intends to obtain her master’s degree in dance or literature, and will pursue a career in dance journalism.

 Abigail Jennings, Associate Editor

Abigail Jennings is a senior at Texas Christian University majoring in writing and French. Her short stories and poems have been published in eleven40seven: TCU journal of the arts and have received multiple departmental awards. In addition to writing and reading, Abigail loves music and playing with the TCU Symphony Orchestra, and she likes to spend time outdoorsand with her family. After graduation in May 2020, Abigail plans to pursue a career in editing or teaching writing or special education and writing children’s literature.


Miranda Shaw, Associate Editor

Miranda Shaw is an undergraduate at Texas Christian University pursing a BFA in graphic design. Miranda is involved in Design Focus and the Environmental Club at TCU and is a member of the Dallas Society of Visual Communication.

Meredith Stringfellow, Associate Editor

Meredith Stringfellow is an undergraduate at TCU pursuing a BFA in graphic design. She is actively involved in Design Focus at Texas Christian University and is a member of the Dallas Society of Visual Communication. 

Kit Snyder, Coordinator

Kit Snyder is a first-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at TCU.

Suzanne Yost, Associate Editor

Suzanne Yost is from Northbrook, Illinois and is an undergraduate student at Texas Christian University. Suzanne is a writing major with minors in sociology and French, as well as an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies.


Meg Gleason, Associate Editor

Meg Gleason is a junior persuing a BFA in graphic design as well as an English minor. She is actively involved in Design Focus at Texas Christian University and is a member of the Society of Creative Excellence.  

Sarah-Marie Horning, Graduate Assistant

Sarah-Marie Horning is a PhD student in English at TCU. She holds undergraduate degrees in English and political science and an MA in literature and cultural studies from the University of Central Florida. 

Kyle Macdowell, Associate Editor

Kyle Macdowell is a US Air Force veteran from Fort Worth studying writing. 

Hannah Taylor, Editor

Hannah Taylor is a senior writing major, film television digital media minor from Austin, Texas. She is also pursuing her Masters in English from Texas Christian University. 

Suzanne Yost, Associate Editor

Suzanne Yost is from Northbrook, Illinois and is an undergraduate student at Texas Christian UniversitySuzanne is a writing major with minors in sociology and French, as well as an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies. 


Kit Snyder

Originally from Houston, Texas, Kit earned her BA in English with a minor in creative writing from TCU in 2017. 

Sarah-Marie Horning, Graduate Assistant

Sarah-Marie Horning is a PhD student in English at TCU. She holds undergraduate degrees in English and political science and an MA in literature and cultural studies from the University of Central Florida.