Clare Benes Discusses her Research Project about how Children Negotiate Language Acquisition across Various Mediums

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Clare Benes, Class of 2019

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research


The purpose of this study was to compare observed and parent-reported learning from books versus television shows using authentic materials. Results indicated that children learned a comparable number of words from books and television and that parents observe learning from both mediums. However, parents had strong negative associations with television watching, despite observing learning in their own children.

Comments from Mentors

Clare was a joy to work with throughout the process of designing, executing, and sharing this research study. She is exceptionally well-suited to research: she is inquisitive, able to structure her thoughts well, and not afraid to consider new ideas and opinions. Her ability to work with people while pursuing answers to her scientific inquiries makes it clear that Clare will be a leader and contributor to the future of speech-language pathology.

--Emily Lund

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