'Clothes' The Loop: Raising Awareness of Sustainable Fashion Among Millennial Consumers Through Digital Platforms

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Nell Rasmussen, Class of 2020


The average consumer is not aware of the implications regarding the externalized cost of cheap clothing and overconsumption, which attributes to the growing need for sustainable fashion. The adverse effects within the fashion supply chain and substantial increase in consumption levels have led to the sustainability movement. Sustainability leaders in the fashion industry provide a wealth of information, but easily accessible forms of this information about fashion are not available to consumers. To elicit change, buy-in from consumers is paramount. Millennials are the chosen target market for this study due to their large purchasing power. This study will educate Millennial consumers about the power of sustainability through the development of an ecommerce mobile application prototype. The mobile application Loop will become the user’s guide, via an accessible mobile interface, for sustainable apparel purchases. It will also provide the necessary brand research that will bridge the consumer gap in a simple, easily consumable output.


Comments from Mentors

Despite the demands of completing two rigorous majors at TCU (Design Studies and Fashion Merchandising), Nell was always ready for the next challenge. That she was able to complete botth programs while earning the Honors distiction is not surprising. Her time at TCU was challenging and yhet there was rarely a time when I saw Nell without a smile on her face. Her intelligence, creativity, work ethic, and brilliant attitude set the bar for other TCU students who follow her. I have no doubt that we will soon see Nell in a challenging leadership role. 

Dr. Dusty Crocker 

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