Encouraging Interaction Within Online Discussion

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Brooklyn Baldwin, Class of 2020

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research


Project Abstract

In order to encourage interaction among secondary students in an online discussion space,I conducted research on how group size and mode of communication might affect different levels of interaction. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether levels of interaction between students vary online versus in a face-to-face setting. The study also evaluates prompteddiscussiontools that mayallow for more effective online interaction between students. More specifically, I sought to answer whether uptake questions and/or high-level thinking questions promoted online interaction.The data was obtained from evaluatingsix discussion methods in each of the seven classrooms. In order to evaluate the data, a research assistant was trained to analyze the interactions between students.Aconclusion was then drawn on the effectiveness of the uptake question frequency and high-level thinking question frequency methods, as well as group size, in an online discussion space.

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Comments from Mentors

¡Fabulosa!  Ms. Brooklyn Baldwin is fabulous in English or Spanish.   Ms. Baldwin is one of our bright young educators who graduated from our Texas Christian University College of Education, with her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education as well as Spanish and Hispanic Studies, in May 2020. 

Brooklyn Baldwin is an excellent student, teacher, and researcher.  Her amazing work ethic is demonstrated in all aspects of her educational journey.   Brooklyn Baldwin’s project, “Encouraging Interaction within Online Discussion” could not have been completed in a more timely manner.  Educators are always finding the most effective ways to reach and teach their students.  Technology is an asset and now an integral part of education.  Ms. Baldwin will continue to reflect and hone her skills as an educator through research and practice.

Dr. Karrabi Malin

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