Young Adult Mental Health Difficulties: Obstacles to Seeking Help

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Rose Lavilla, Class of 2020

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This paper considers the obstacles preventing young adults from seeking help for mental health difficulties. Research methods include qualitative and quantitative studies primarily collected from college students within the last twelve years. Results show stigma, both perceived and self-held, are significant factors hindering young adults from seeking help for mental health difficulties. Other factors that hinder help-seeking are: personal characteristics, lack of coping skills, lack of knowledge of services available, and the fear of being labeled. The general conclusions are that with the steady rise in numbers of those suffering with mental health difficulties, it is essential that work be done to reduce stigma, especially through education and awareness.

Comments from Mentors

Rose La Villa is an outstanding student who has the respect of her peers and professors. Always serious about her coursework, she frequently takes the lead in speaking out in class, stepping up in group projects, and once- took the lead in my Social Policy class to be the liaison between our class and the Tarrant County Supervisor of Elections office when we did a voter registration campaign across campus. Rose uses her life experience within the classroom and in her research and she often chooses issues that she is passionate about, so that she can shed light or bring about change.

This particular paper and poster—Young Adult Mental Health Difficulties: Obstacles to Seeking Help—is meaningful not only within the social work profession but within the larger society, due to the stigma that individuals often face when dealing with mental health challenges. In particular within her article she highlights studies that have been completed showing the role that self-stigma and fear of discrimination contributes or impacts a young person’s motivation to seek help. Rose will be part of the TCU Master’s in Social Work this year and will be completing a graduate internship at a behavioral health hospital in the area.

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