"Not Just for F*cking:" An Advertising Campaign for Tinder

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Liza Bilich, Class of 2021
Huyen Ho, Class of 2021
Emmaline Huels, Class of 2021
Kayla Koski, Class of 2021
Katie Kramp, Class of 2021
Madison McQuary, Class of 2021
Margaux Neresian, Class of 2021
Vivian Noyd, Class of 2021
Riley O'Donnell, Class of 2021
Alison Parks, Class of 2021
Grace Pizzala, Class of 2021
Liv Shin, Class of 2021
Lauren White, Class of 2022

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

The 13-woman team of strategic communication students was awarded $2,500 for the 21-page marketing campaign that they delivered in a 20-minute presentation and talked about in multiple 15 to 20 minute Q&A’s at the regional, semi-final and national levels.

“Our campaign illustrated all the perceptions that Tinder needs to combat,” said Madison McQuary. “When we had to tell it to the actual executives of Tinder, I think they were shocked but not surprised that a group of Gen Z women could be so real and honest with them about hooking up and relationships.”

In addition to McQuary, the team members involved were Liza Bilich, Huyen Ho, Emma Huels, Kayla Koski, Katie Kramp, Margaux Nersesian, Vivian Noyd, Riley O’Donnell, Alison Parks, Grace Pizzala, Liv Shin and Lauren White.


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