Brien Twomey Discusses His Research about Privacy Practices by Global Smartphone Application Users

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Brien Twomey, Class of 2016

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

Video Segments:

Can you describe your research? 0:04-0:50

What did you find out about your research? 0:50-1:41

Can you elaborate more on that? 1:41-3:20

What made you interested in doing a research project? 3:20-4:13

What was your favorite part? 4:13-4:50

What are you doing next with your project? 4:50-5:16

What was the hardest part? 5:16-5:52

What was it like seeing all of the other research? 5:52-6:22

What skills did you get from this project? 6:22-7:13

What advice do you have for other researchers? 7:13-7:31

Comments from Mentors

"Brien Twomey has extraordinary potential. While working on his thesis, Brien always rose up to the challenges presented throughout the process, demonstrating his eagerness to learn, independent thinking, and integrity."

--Dr. Beata M. Jones


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