Hana Jaafari Discusses Her Research in Biophysics Characterization of BODIPY Variants to Determine Optimal Hybridization Potential with Azadioxatriangulenium (ADOTA) Fluorophore

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Hana Jaafari, Class of 2017

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

Video Segments:

Can you describe your research and findings? 0:04-0:46

What inspired you to do this research? 0:47-1:19

What are y’all hoping to do with this research? 1:20-1:43

Has this inspired you to do more research? 1:44-2:09

Can you break down what you were researching? 2:10-2:31

What was your favorite part? 2:32-2:52

What was the most challenging part? 2:53-3:12

Did you have a strategy for getting over the tough parts? 3:13-3:30

What was the research process like? 3:31-3:44

Was it hard balancing school and research? 3:45-3:56

Did you have creative freedom or was your research more structured? 3:57-4:10

What skills did you gain from this? 4:11-4:31

What are the main things readers should know about your research? 4:32-4:57

What is your advice for students doing research? 4:58-5:31


Comments from Mentors

"Hana Jaafari started at TCU in fall 2013, and from the beginning she has been interested in biophysics and indicated she wants to direct her carrier toward biomedical physics. In spring 2014 Hana started volunteering in my lab and from summer 2014 she regularly has been working in my lab helping my graduate students. Soon she also started working with my postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Raut, on designing and testing new types of probes and nanoparticles for studying cellular microenvironment in application to a broad range of diseases from cystic fibrosis (CF) to cancer imaging and treatment. Part of the results she already presented at the Photonics West meeting 2015 and has been published in peer-review journal (S. Raut, J. D. Kimball, R. Fudala, I. Bora, R. Chib, H. Jaafari, M. Castillo, N. W. Smith, S. V. Dzyuba and Z. Gryczynski, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C5CP07214J).

On top of working in my lab for the last two summers, Hana has participated in the undergraduate summer research program at NIH and UT Southwestern that highly enhanced her scientific and research experience. It has been a great privilege to observe her work and the excellent progress she has been making, and it was an immense pleasure for me to recently learn she has been accepted to a graduate applied physics program at Rice University.  

It is important to mention that Hana not only has excellent academic potential, but also a very nice personality. It was always great to observe how my graduate students complimented her work and how everybody enjoyed working with her."

-- Dr. Zygmunt Gryczynski


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