Cailin O'Mara Reflects on her Study of Parental Communication

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Cailin O'Mara, Class of 2018

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

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Can you describe your research? 0:04-0:51

Can you describe the research process? 0:51-1:26

Can you say more about your data? 1:26-1:37

What was the biggest challenge? 1:37-2:20

What inspired your research? 2:20-4:24

Do you have any advice for students? 4:24-5:01


Comments from Mentors

“It was a tremendous honor and joy for me to collaborate with Cailin on this important project! We first began our work together out of our shared experiences as children from divorced families, and our common interest in how parents’ negative disclosures impact a child’s satisfaction and closeness with both parents revealed further insights into how parents support or undermine each other in their parenting efforts. Not only did Cailin produce a piece of scholarship that exceeds what one might typically expect from an undergraduate student, but we just received the wonderful news that our work is scheduled to be published later this year in the Journal of Family Communication.”

--Dr. Paul Schrodt


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