Sarah Westphal Discusses her Research in the Secondary Education Classroom

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Sarah Westphal, Class of 2017

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

Video Segments: 

Can you describe your research for us? 0:04-1:59

What was the research process like? 1:59-4:54

What was the biggest challenge? 4:54-6:14

What was your favorite part? 6:14-7:23

What do you want readers to know? 7:23-8:46

What’s your advice for student researchers? 8:46-9:45


Comments from Mentors

"I have had the privilege of working with Sarah since she was an undergraduate student in my Middle/Secondary Mathematics Methods courses. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate work, Sarah has demonstrated a passion for the profession of teaching, advocating for all students, and continually strives to improve her knowledge of teaching and student learning. Sarah’s research arose as a direct result of her passion for students and her keen observations during student teaching.

Advising and mentoring Sarah through her research has been, and continues to be, a joy and privilege. One of the many qualities that drew me to TCU was the teacher-scholar model. Having spent my first seventeen years in education teaching middle and high school mathematics, I wanted a position at a university where teaching and scholarship were highly valued and teaching was not just what happened in the classroom. The opportunity to support, mentor, and learn along with students, such as Sarah, who are intrinsically motivated to pursue their research is an honor. I have particularly enjoyed seeing Sarah grow as a teacher, student, and researcher as she has navigated the process of designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting her research.

Sarah’s research was and continues to be a pursuit of her passion for improving educational opportunities for all students and teachers."

--Dr. Matt Switzer 


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