Karin Cheng Discusses Using Educational “Gamification” to Increase Motivation and Participation in Secondary-Level English Language Learners

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Karin Cheng, Class of 2016

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

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Can you describe your research? 0:04-0:40

What inspired your research? 0:40-1:40

What was your favorite part? 1:40-2:37

What was the most challenging part? 2:37-5:00

What was the research process like? 5:00-6:00

What is your advice for students? 6:00-6:53


Comments from Mentors

“I wish I could take credit for mentoring Karin but she really did the work on her own. The only thing I could say is that we have a great professor/student relationship, and I know she would have come to me if she had had questions. I would simply add that Karin is a conscientious student who is a self-starter and a solution-seeker.  She is not deterred by challenges and it has been a pleasure to see her continually seeking answers to her questions about education, teaching, and learning as she pursues a Master’s in Language/Literacy education.  All of the professors in the College of Education, myself included, put the student first and we welcome opportunities to mentor future educators.  Working with Karin is just one example of how this ongoing mentoring plays out in our College.”

-Dr. Robin Griffith

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