Blair Guilfoile Reflects on her Honors Colloquium Coursework

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Blair Guilfoile, Class of 2016

Interviews with TCU Students About their Research

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How did you first learn about colloquia? 0:04-0:32

Which classes have you taken? 0:32-0:42

Do you have a favorite? 0:42-1:17

What have these classes taught you? 1:17-1:49

What is the most challenging part of colloquia? 1:49-2:26

What was the best part about colloquia? 2:26-3:09  

What are the benefits of colloquia? 3:09-3:58

What’s your advice for choosing between departmental honors (thesis) and colloquia? 3:58-4:52

Do you have advice for new colloquia students? 4:52-5:16


Comments from Mentors

“I had the opportunity to be Blair’s advisor throughout her academic career at TCU and watched her grow into a mature and thoughtful leader in the Department of Strategic Communication. As part of her program in strategic communication, Blair was able to travel to both Panama and Washington, DC to broaden her perspectives on government and non-profit communication. I am certain that Blair will be making strides in the communication industry following graduation.”

--Dr. Laura F. Bright


"In her Nature of Giving course, Blair impressed nonprofit organizations with due diligence that focused on relevant yet rarely discussed minutiae and questions that challenged them to define not only their mission but also how projects fit into their strategic plans. Her passion for experiential learning and philanthropy taught both students and nonprofits new ways of thinking and collaborating. Blair shaped arguments that employed both quantitative and qualitative evidence to fund six nonprofits. In the case of Educational First Steps, Blair, along with Maddie Reddick, won a national competition for an additional $25,000 grant from The Philanthropy Lab; they also helped secure a match grant from the Sid W. Richardson Foundation. With the combination of the gift from the Spring 2016 Nature of Giving honors colloquium Blair took ($28,500), Blair played a major role in helping secure over $78,000 in six months for EFS and the early education programs in Como."
--Dr. Ronald L. Pitcock

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