Stillness in Four Movements Class of 2017

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Alden Henderson, Class of 2017


Stillness in Four Movements, a dance performance culminating from a year-long research process, investigates conceptions of stillness as movement in a manner similar to the ways John Cage explored silence in music, or the ways Mark Rothko explored the concept of nothingness in visual art. Total stillness is, of course, impossible. Our hearts are always beating, cells are decomposing, and atoms are moving. Nonetheless, this project asks how dance can productively engage with the concept of stillness as choreographic material. Stillness explores the difficulty of engaging with the notion of stillness through choreographic material in four sections that address questions of stillness in choreography.  

Comments from Mentors

"Alden Henderson’s research, ‘Stillness in Four Movements,’ developed out of his Departmental Honors Project in the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance. Theorizing his choreography using a multi-disciplinary approach, he wove theoretical writings from the discrete fields of Music, Visual Art, Performance Art, Communication Studies, and Philosophy.  Alden was especially drawn to the work of composer John Cage and performance artist Marina Abramovic and their radical ideas of artmaking that pushed their respective fields forward.  Alden’s ensuing choreography rose to the challenge he had set for himself as his piece was theoretically sound and embodied post-modern concepts accurately and even elegantly.  Working with Alden was a great honor and I look forward to witnessing his future work in the field of dance."

--Dr. Nina Martin 


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