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Katelyn Crow, Class of 2017


The purpose of this project is to couple existing literature and research along with my own experience in order to develop unique recommendations for incorporating creative writing instruction into the English Language Arts classroom. I arrived at this line of inquiry after noticing a lack of creative writing instruction during my student teaching, despite the fact that I always believed creative writing to be an integral component of the English Language Arts classroom. Through my research, I sought to discover the merits of creative writing instruction as well as good practices for implementation.  

Comments from Mentors

"Katelyn is a creative and passionate educator. She developed her ideas and methods for integrating creative writing into the high school Language Arts curriculum independently while completing her student teaching. As an educator, Katelyn demonstrates a tremendous amount of initiative. She recognized through working with students how creative writing activities might increase their interest, willingness, and ownership in the process of becoming competent and confident writers. Katelyn then reviewed the literature on theories and practices of creative writing instruction, and she transformed what she learned into authentic, engaging learning experiences for her students. Additionally, she has continued her work in writing instruction in her Master’s program, where she has helped TCU undergraduate students grow and develop their writing skills. Katelyn embodies everything we hope to cultivate in our students in the College of Education. She is able to recognize a need, she has the intellectual skills to thoroughly investigate research-supported strategies for that need, and she has the talent to transform what she learned into an effective learning experiences. Katelyn is a true teacher-scholar, and it has been an honor to see her grow over the past four years."

--Dr. Curby Alexander 

"Katelyn’s research provides a glimpse into the exceptional English teacher that she is prepared to become.  Her literature review discusses the important role teachers have in teaching creative writing, as well as the benefits of incorporating creative writing instruction within the high school classroom.  Katelyn’s knowledge of research, and the value she places on writing instruction research, will enable her to provide the very best instruction to adolescents.  TCU prepares exceptional future English Language Arts teachers, and Katelyn is one of those truly outstanding teachers."

--Dr. Jan Lacina


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