The Walk of (Body) Shame: The Detrimental Repercussions of Cyberbullying Class of 2017

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Carly Stacey, Class of 2017


Since the 1990s, the Internet has blossomed into a platform designed to provide access to an unlimited amount of information at the click of a putton. It did not take long for this technology to become an integral part of our social interaction. In recent years, as a pernicious consequence of the Internet's "faceless" communication, the internet has become an ideal space for cybverbullying. This research focuses specifically on the problem of "body shaming" in online spaces. The essay explores causes of cyberbullying and online body shaming in order to better understand strategies for creating mroe empathetic online spaces and to promote an culture of positive body image. 

Comments from Mentors

"Carly distinguished herself in my honors course, Nature of Values: Empathy (spring 2016), through her engaging class interaction and insightful writing. For class, she wrote a paper with a great title, "The Walk of [Body] Shame: The Detrimental Repercussions of Cyberbullying," in which she deftly argued that those who resort to anonymous body shaming via the Internet create an online enviroment lacking in empathy that harms both men and women. Her paper sheds light on an important societyal problem that needs more attention. Carly is research-minded, intellectually curious, and concerned for the well-being of others; she will doubtlessly effect meaningful change in the world." 

--Dr. Wendy Willaims 

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John V. Roach Honors College