#TLDR: Twitter is Changing Everything

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Elizabeth Campbell, Class of 2018


Twitter. What some view as just a social media site to see and share ratings with dogs; politicians and journalists are now finding it a requirement of their daily jobs. Politicians are using Twitter in an attempt to circumvent the gatekeeping that media has performed for generations while journalists are trying to keep up and verify all the news sent through it. No one has relied more on Twitter than President Donald J. Trump who uses his account to not only get around the gatekeeping function of the press, but to change the news cycle all together.

Comments from Mentors

“I worked with Elizabeth throughout her time at TCU. She arrived on campus filled with energy and curiosity—a great combination for a journalist—and never shied away from a probing question or difficult situation. It was my pleasure to watch Elizabeth mature into a confident young woman. An integral part of journalism and student media, she helped make both better. 

Working with students like Elizabeth is the best part of my job. I can’t wait to see how she makes the world a better place.” 

– Jean Marie Brown

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Bob Schieffer College of Communication