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Brooke Wong, Class of 2018


Brooke Wong’s project involved the marketing and branding of Eden Zoological Garden. Eden Zoological Garden is a zoo and research center that hosts animals threatened by extinction and assists in repopulating them. This was accomplished through extensive research of zoos, animal extinction, and the correct branding to appeal to a wide age range. In addition, imagery of animals in art throughout history was studied extensively in order to best pay homage to the rich foundations of animal art. The final result included branding, stationery, tickets, collateral, advertising, a website, application, map, infographic, interior design, exhibit design, and way finding.

Comments from Mentors

“Brooke always stood out as a Graphic Design student. In a program filled with exceptional students, Brooke had a way of distinguishing herself, not only with her solutions to problems, but with her ability to present her concepts with positive energy and an engaging presence. Her ideas were fresh, creative, and as full of energy as she was. As a professional designer, Brooke has taken her talent to the West Coast where she was hired as a Graphic Designer at RPA, an agency in Santa Monica.” 

– Dusty Crocker

“Brooke Wong is a creative with a heart. Her thesis was based on her lifelong love of animals. Her thorough research of existing organizations centered on the welfare of endangered species showed her compassion for all living things. As a student, Brooke was unanimously selected by the faculty as our Departmental Senior Scholar. Her academic excellence, combined with her benevolent nature, made her a designer who strives to create a better world for all.”

– Jan Ballard

“As a student in my class, Brooke was a master of time management and driven when it came to searching for creative solutions. She checked out the project, quietly went deep into research looking for the best creative ‘nugget’ that normally hides there, and more often than not found it and successfully solved the assignment. She has an infectious laugh, a kind heart, and is loaded with talent. In the field of Graphic Design, which is waist deep in deadlines and ongoing pressure to produce, this kind of a personality can be a calming island in a sea of tension—a blessing to those who work with such a person. Brooke Wong—a designer’s designer.”

Bill Galyean


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