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Emma Holland, Class of 2018


Alchemi is a product of Emma Holland’s senior thesis for her BFA in graphic design. In this booklet, she discusses the branding, advertising, photography, and underlying principles for her design of Alchemi: a personalized aeroponic agriculture business. Holland’s purpose behind the business was to transform urban farming. Her project contains extensive research into produce farming, entrepreneurship, branding, advertising, and art history. 

 Additionally, the website that she created for the project can be found here.

Comments from Mentors

“Emma was one of the best and brightest students ever to complete our rigorous BFA in Graphic Design program. Her work ethic, talent, creativity, and ability to execute exceptional final solutions was demonstrated in every project she completed. Beyond this, Emma was an articulate and engaging presenter with a knack for reading her audience and explaining complex concepts in a way that made them crystal clear and easy to understand. It is no wonder that since graduation she has rapidly moved to a leadership role in one of the top advertising design firms in Dallas.” 

 – Dusty Crocker

“Emma is truly ‘a force of nature’ when it comes to her approach to any design project. She throws herself into the research to develop an engaging and thoughtful solution to the problem. During her Departmental Honors thesis, Alchemi, she went beyond exploring her growing expertise in marketing and branding; she became knowledgeable about hydroponics to create a viable alternative to urban personal farming. In my classes, she consistently took the existing design assignment to new heights by challenging herself to produce multiple design proposals and innovative marketing solutions. Her endless self-motivation has opened many doors of opportunity and recognition, including the prestigious Boller Award.” 

– Jan Ballard

“I had the pleasure of having Emma Holland in two of my upper division classes not long before she graduated. I was both impressed and inspired by the intelligence with which she approached each of the class projects. To be successful in the creative world, talent is a must, but the ability to research successfully is the key that opens the door to outstanding ‘creative problem solving.’  She has them both.  So, when I saw what she had taken on as her Honors Thesis, I was not surprised. It was ‘Alchemi: a personalized aeroponic agriculture system built to transform urban farming.’ Her research lead to branding, advertising, package design, motion design, interactive design, photography, and art direction of Alchemi. In a word, her approach to all that she faced in the classroom was ‘professional.’ Today, that is exactly what she is: professional. Emma is a Brand Creative/Art Director at one of the top Advertising Agencies in the country: The Richards Group in Dallas.”

– Bill Galyean


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