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Kirstin Mullins, Class of 2019


This project involved an overview of the considerations one would need to make in order to market and brand a food reactivity testing company that provides an easy way to get food reactivities tested and gives consumers the right tools to maintain their new diet after they get their results. This was accomplished through extensive research into food reactivities, at-home medical testing kits, diet programs, a target market, competition, branding, UX and UI design within food reactivity testing companies, and general design concepts. The final results included a logo and brand identity, package design, publication design, advertising, and application and website design.

Comments from Mentors

It was a pleasure working with Kirstin through this project. Her ability to take feedback and self reflect is admirable. Kirstin has a tremedous ability for taking complex ideas and making them tangible and purposeful.

--Antonio BanosĀ 

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College of Fine Arts